Clap cold
powder coated metal,
vinyl, printed paper
& tape
Joshua Johnson
Wife's Lament
chicken wire, clingfilm,
gloss, polyurethane
& On Melancholy Hill
by Gorillaz
Jill McKnight
to concrete a motion,
all parts

prints, light,
plaster solids
Emilie Spark
Science and Worms
tracksuit bottoms, felt,
jersey, organza, seeds,
leaves & textile glue
Tenant of Culture
Transylvania Hunger
bones, wood, rope
& copper wire
Dan Blacklodge
The Silk Shirt
text on paper
Gavin Jackson
& Joshua Hart
Cutting Change,
Good Luck Coming

timber, glazed ceramic
& stones
Danielle Goulé
A Year Long Uluation
cotton rag, glue
& charcoal
Emii Alrai